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Beachside Grand Prix Coming This May 2019!

We’re Officially OPENING MAY 2019!

Have you noticed something appearing on the horizon of Cape Canaveral this spring? Slowly growing over a local golf course is the exciting twists and turns of Beachside Grand Prix’s fully-electric go-kart track. And it’s almost ready for you to take a joy ride up and down the tarmac! The long-awaited opening of our double-corkscrew go-kart race track is finally here – right around the corner! Beachside Grand Prix will be open and ready to bring Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach days of rip-roaring fun this May. Stay tuned for the official opening date!

Our Karts

our kartsAll-electric fun is the name of the game with Beachside Grand Prix’s American-made go-karts. If you’re feeling a need for speed, we’ve got just the solution. These karts have everything you need to accelerate your fun! Our karts are designed for speed and safety, so you never have to worry while you’re zipping down the track. With a full electric set-up, the karts at Beachside Grand Prix won’t choke you with fumes while you’re riding – and they’re great for safety and the environment! The custom design is engineered for riders of all ages and skill levels as well. Whether you’re brand new or you’ve done this a million times before, you’ll feel like a pro. Sound good yet? Get ready to ride!

Our Track

Could there be anything more exciting than a sleek, speedy ride? If you’ve seen our track, then you might be saying, “yes!” As the only electric double-corkscrew design on the East Coast, you are guaranteed a unique experience when you spend a day racing with us. The twists are coupled with superior technology to bring different simulations and challenges every time you step into a kart. Test yourself in every lap and make unforgettable memories with friends and family at Beachside Grand Prix!

Come See Us Soon!

With our doors opening next month, we’re looking forward to bring a thrilling experience of twists, turns, and tons of fun to everyone in Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach! Whether you’re looking for a neck-in-neck race or just a friendly challenge to put your skills to the test, we’re ready and waiting to welcome thrill-seekers and fun-lovers alike this May 2019!

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